Cashmere takes from the skin-tight surface of cashmere goat, namely, from the root of wool, when the Spring comes, these thin cashmere are combed down by specially-made toot by herdsmen and can repel cold weather. Cashmere goats usually live in the high, dry plateaus surrounding the Gobi desert. Which stretch from Northern China into Mongolia?

According to the statistics, each goat can only produce raw cashmere 200g-250g.high quality cashmere can be gotten at the half weight through the hard processes such as clearance of earth, washing, Picking up coloring wool and coarse wool by hand. Then washing, dying, spinning and weaving. Thus we can get a beautiful shawl of a scarf. The annual production quantities of three goats can only make one piece of woolen cashmere shawl. So cashmere is appraised as “soft gold”, it is priced at per grams and becomes the most expensive natural animal fiber.

Cashmere in Inner Mongolia is called “Diamond Fiber” by its softness, fiber elasticity, fiber length, fineness, whiteness and color.

How to test the best cashmere? One is your hand. To feel its softness, elasticity, smoothness with your hand. The other is consistence: even face without flaw, high-skilled technology and non-deflection.


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