Cashmere products : The annual output of 800,000 pieces

100% pure cashmere products styles (Including woven fabrics of scarves, shawls, blankets , face fabric) : plain, twill, herringbone, jacquard, embroidery, printing, hand-drawing,, hang dying and hot stamping.

Yarn count: 16s—120s

  Cashmere and other fiber blends products : The annual output of 500,000 pieces.

Including cashmere /wool, cashmere/silk , cashmere/cotton., cashmere/pea fiber

  Other fiber blends products: the annual output of 200,000pieces

Including wool/cotton, wool/silk, wool/bamboo fiber and so on.

  For years Zhonghe has been sourcing, spinning, manufacturing, dying, sewing, after-finish, tagging, packaging and selling cashmere shawls and scarves of the highest quality. high workmanship and attention to detail enables us to consistently deliver products that withstand the test of time, and reflect the integrity of your brand.

  Choose from the largest selection of in-stock shawls and scarves for “quick-turn” programs. Or allow our experienced staff to source new materials and products or design new styles for less, using foreign vendors rich experience in design and styles.


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